Our Tasks

Some of the successfully completed tasks

Below is a list of the contracts that we have effectively carried out and delivered on.

  • Formulation and implementation of proposals on Program/Project Evaluations (Mid & End Term)
  • Conducting People centered training on Life skills
  • Development of User Manuals (Social Accountability & M&E)
  • Development of an Organizational Strategic Plan
  • Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Conducting and Rapportuering  Assessments for Organizations and Community structures
  • Rapportuering Program / Project Partnership Assessments
  • Conducting Baseline Surveys
  • STAR Facilitator Training (For Community Facilitators)
  • STAR Induction workshops
  • REFLECT Facilitator Training (For Community Facilitators)
  • Induction Training Workshops
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment
  • Training and Rapportuering on Organizational Development, SRHR and Advocacy
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)
  • Youth Program Modelling
  • Conducting training on the link between Sustainable Development Goals to Good Governance and Development in Kenya