Project Reporting & Documentation

Report writing and general documentation are considered as secondary tasks while implementing development projects. The efforts put in writing or preparing project reports by organizations is not even 25% of the efforts put in project activities.

Most of the time, reports are written in an apathetic manner obviously bound with the obligation of deliverables towards our donor, when the deadline for its submission is close. Such an attitude itself makes our approach evident.

However, reports are the reflection what has been done on the field. Reports provide an opportunity to present and share work on a wide level apart from being just project documents. That makes it all the more important for all in development field to have some idea, how to present work in an impressive manner, how to write good reports. As such, at C4SP, we provide services as well as impart technical skills to staff and organizations on;

  1. Professional Rapportuering (report writing) focusing on; (i) Workshop (ii) Conferences (iii) Seminars (iv) Retreat
  2. Staff meeting and activity reporting (customised templates) 
  3. Formulating Most Significant Change Stories (MSCS) for projects and programs
  4. Bulk data entry and editing / proof reading 
  5. Developing short videos and documentaries for activities, projects and programs
  6. Developing scripts and doing voice overs digital solutions and user guides/manuals
  7. Bulk video/audio transcribing
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