Public Governance & Social Accountability

Introduction to Public Budgeting & Social Accountability



PGSA Focus:

Biesshop Consulting’s governance and accountability program seek to establish, nurture and strengthens citizen participation towards attaining good governance protocols by organisation and practice by citizens with the objective of attaining transparency and accountability to improve organisations and county governments’ performance. We provide client aligned and best-fit alternatives as solutions to technical teams governments, citizen leaders, and elected representatives. Our model of programming identifies and fosters participation and sustained engagement between citizens and their governments, recognising that both the supply and demand for good governance is necessary to initiate change. In effect, we tool and empower leaders with indigenous practical skills and technical tools noting that locally formulated solutions hold the potential for ownership and carry on for sustainability. Under this intervention, we focus on;

  1. Voice & Accountability: We establish and revamp citizen responsive systems and structures necessary to hold county governments and their departments accountable with the core aim of enhancing citizen action and voice, and influence in decision making.
  2. Legislative Development: We tool and empower citizen organizations and provide tools and technical skills on institutional reform for them to consistently get informed and involved as key development and governance constituents and in the policy formulation and implementation process for better, more responsive representation.
  3. Devolved Governance: We work with the 47 county governments to help them transfer central authority to county government departments that are closer and more responsive to the needs of citizens as contextualized by each of the 47 counties.
  4. Organization Reforms: We help county governments and organizations by building their operations and capacities in financial management, service provision, local economic development, and public outreach.
  5. Public Administration and Management: We develop the human capacity of the civil service and organizations by strengthening their respective abilities to perform essential functions and deliver services in a transparent and equitable manner.
  6. Citizen Participation and Engagement: We strengthen the frameworks of rule of law by building citizens’ organizations’ ability to demand better governance through oversight mechanisms, civic education, civil society strengthening.
  7. Public Finance Management: We guide county governments improve public financial management and advance participatory leadership on approaches to overcoming policy and institutional constraints to economic competitiveness, socioeconomic development, and poverty reduction.
  8. Public Service Governance: We guide county governments advance reproductive health rights outcomes through improved accountability, resource allocation, policy development, and administration of SRHR services.
  9. Social Accountability and Monitoring (SAM): We help organizations and county governments in processes of Monitoring and Evaluating of programs, systems and public services through tooling, empowering, engaging and facilitating processes and initiatives for systems, structures and individuals on; (i) Citizen Report Cards (ii) Community M&E (iii) Community Score Cards (iv) M&E of public services (v) Social Audits (vi) Stakeholder survey (vii) Social contracts for political accountability (viii) Public oversight (ix) Integrity pacts
  10. Public Budgets and Expenditures; (i) Alternative budgets (ii) Budget transparency (iii) Independent Budget Analysis (iv) Participatory Budgeting (v) Public Budgets and Expenditures Tracking and Monitoring (vii) County Government Public Revenue Reporting and Monitoring.
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