Centre for Public Engagement on Social Economic Affairs (CPESEA) is a think tank on Governance and Social-Economic Matters in Kenya. We work closely with; Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with a view of enhancing their capabilities to effectively participate and engage in governance process and systems; Community Based Organizations (CBOs) To empower and support them to acquire relevant information and resources that will help them champion for the needs of ward and constituency based citizens who have limited access to information and engagement platforms to subsequently take part-in and influence good governance, transparency and accountability by office holders across board. Overall, we seek to achieve practicable, needs based, sustained skills identification and nurturing, action-oriented practice, learning and institutionalization of best practices and processes.

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Biesshop Consulting is a development programming firm specializing on Institutional, Program and Human Resource Development. Its focus is on; systems & structures and supporting skills & competencies through training, action-practice and mentoring of staff and board members.

Mission Statement

“Unlocking insight, challenging established thinking, achieving individual, team and organizational advancements for; Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Self Help Groups (SHGs)”

Strategic Objective

“To build staff, board members and community facilitators’ capacities working in NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Self Help Groups (SHGs) to achieve competitive advantage based for optimum performance, sustainable competencies & skills, networks and partnerships”

OAY – Cameroon

St. Christine’s Academy

Womankind Kenya

Concern World Wide

Transform Africa

AAI-Uganda & Zimbabwe

National Civil Society Congress

BEACON East Africa

Trends Dynamic